Migration to new PC - faq wanted


I have read the various posts, but it would be nice if there was a FAQ on migrating to a new PC; best/quickest/most efficient. Hope I didn’t miss one.

In my case, the new PC will be a duplicate of the old as regards users and data locations, and I will have access to all the old Duplicati index files etc. The pc name will change from Sphere to FTS (don’t ask :laughing:)

I propose to stop Duplicati on the old machine when I’m ready to change over and copy across all of the Duplicati jobs and indexes; then restart Duplicati on the new PC. All the data will have been copied across and will be up to date. Backup destinations are OneDrive and Backblaze B2.

Is this the best way? Anything I’ve forgotten? All comments welcome. upgrade - but now scheduled backup missing

Note: I haven’t tested or done anything below

I think that a good way is to simply reinstall Duplicati normally and copying your %appdata%/Local/Duplicati folder to the new one. This way all databases and backup jobs will already be copied. Unless you have jobs that have DBs outside of this folder.

Is it a Windows or Linux machine?


Windows - and that should do it. Thanks.


Please keep us posted on whether it worked!


All seems to have gone well :sweat_smile::grinning:

Now done a ‘verify’ and currently backing up.