Restore fails, no matter how I try

I am on Linux Mint 193, using Duplicati
I use for making backups on even days on Google drive and on odd days I backup to Stackstorage.
I have 3 backups on each drive. now I replaced my pc and want to restore my home dir. This will not happen, no matter what, On Google drive I keep getting errors : “Invalid password or corrupted data” , I cannot choose between the 3 latest backup I have there. And on Stack I can choose between the latest 3 backups but get “Invalid password or corrupted data errors” . I placed the files on a local drive but even then the same error message keeps apearing. The passphrase I stored correctly for both cloud drives and they must be correct. I use Googe Chrome, no Firefox which I saw sometimes autofills the wrong credentials. I am desperate now, no way of getting my data back, while I was sure nothing could go wrong…help someone?

I tested the passphrases on 1 file I downloaded locally, I can decrypt it with a tool using that phrase…

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Some people have had this issue because their password manager was unexpectedly changing the value in a hidden password field. Can you temporarily disable your password manager, or remove the saved passwords for the Duplicati URL (usually localhost)?

Chrome does it too, at least on some pages (numerous reports), so don’t assume it’s fine.

Are you doing a Direct restore from backup files, or did you import the previous jobs first?

Copying databases from ~/.config/Duplicati is an alternative way of initializing a new drive.

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