Duplicati Setting Backup and move to another system

I am currently using Duplicati - version and i am backup my files to Office 365 ondrive for Business. running backup was smoothly.

But my query is how to move the current backup setting to another system with new installation Duplicati?

What are file needs for this? such as .config file and .sqlite DB file etc…

If it’s my Duplicati server crashed or corrupted my system OS how do i restore my file?

Please reply to me queries. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum @Viari_Leathers

General information:
Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost
Disaster Recovery

Store somewhere safe, refresh on major change. These settings come from Duplicati-server.sqlite.
Exporting a backup job configuration

Database management explains how to recreate a local per-backup database, and what DB path is.

Migration to new PC - faq wanted explains how to move, if your previous system data is still available.
You mentioned a .config file, which I don’t seem to have. If you meant Linux .config/Duplicati, the equivalent on Windows is the %appdata%/Local/Duplicati folder mentioned in the migration article.