How to restore from Backblaze B2 with no config

Apologies for the likely simple question but I haven’t been able to find an answer anywhere, which means someone will probably quickly supply a link that exactly answers my question.

I had my mom’s old Windows 10 laptop backing up to a Backblaze B2 bucket. I have all the relevant passwords and keys saved, but I failed to export and save the Duplicati backup config. I need to restore her files to her new Windows 10 computer and am unclear on the procedure. Do I just need to download a snapshot of the entire bucket, decrypt and then use Duplicati to do a direct restore from those local backup files?

Is there a way to point Duplicati on her new computer to the B2 bucket and run the restore that way, or would that require a config file from Duplicati on her old laptop to import?

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Welcome to the forum @Lymos

If you have the old computer and can copy the old Duplicati databases, that’d be the most accurate path:

Migration to new PC - faq wanted

If you no longer have it, then it’s good you have some essentials. The same post has a repair path here.
That repair should rebuild the job DB, and that’s enough for a restore, but backup config detail is missing.
If you have to figure out what old source paths were, you can guess from the backup while doing restore.
Hopefully you weren’t doing a lot of fancy path filters or other config that you’d have trouble remembering.

Direct restore from backup files, however that’s just the restore, and doesn’t set anything up for backups. Certainly a reasonable quick fix if you think the full database and configuration will take awhile to get back.


Thank you very much, @ts678! I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful response. This gave me exactly what I needed and I’ve already got the restore running.

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