Duplicati-monitoring.com - central monitoring of multiple Duplicati instances + nice email reports


One main missing feature of Duplicati is the possibility to monitor multiple Duplicati instances in a central place. Moreover, Duplicati can only send one email after each backup run, but cannot send summarized backup information.
https://www.duplicati-monitoring.com fills this gap: It provides you a beautiful dashboard to monitor all your backups, and it sends you beautiful email reports that summarize your backup results.

It is a hosted service that is free of charge. If you like it and want to keep us going, then we’d appreciate a small donation.

Interested? Watch the introduction video:

You prefer a self-hosted solution? Have a look at DupReport. (Up to now, it is not a dashboard, only email reports.)

You can use this thread to provide feedback, ask for new features or report problems. I am planning to also use it to provide some news update the service.


We introduced a new feature that may be very useful to some of you: For each backup set, you can now define the link to the Duplicati webinterface. This way, the Duplicati webinterface is only one button click away from the monitoring dashboard:


This of course only works when the webinterface is accessible. If the webinterface is accessible over its external IP, but the IP is dynamic, you can use {IP} in the URL, which will get replaced with the IP that submitted the last backup report:


If our service makes your life easier, please consider donating. Your donation is needed to pay for our developing costs and hosting expenses. Thank you.


Looks like a great donation-worthy service. Which reminds me, I need to make a duplicatie-donation still.


We just deployed a new feature:
It is now possible to restrict the backup sets that are included in the email reports that the service sends to a contact:


You can for example group your backup sets by department/customer and create one contact per department/customer that receives email reports only about this backup set group.


Thank you!
By the way, I got an idea for possible future enhancement:

Thanks to duplicati-monitoring I realized how backup get slower over time (screenshots in this topick VACUUM - performance improvement is huge )

So if Duplicati Monitoring could display graph with backup duration, it might be useful