Duplicati-monitoring.com - central monitoring of multiple Duplicati instances + nice email reports


One main missing feature of Duplicati is the possibility to monitor multiple Duplicati instances in a central place. Moreover, Duplicati can only send one email after each backup run, but cannot send summarized backup information.
https://www.duplicati-monitoring.com fills this gap: It provides you a beautiful dashboard to monitor all your backups, and it sends you beautiful email reports that summarize your backup results.

It is a hosted service that is free of charge. If you like it and want to keep us going, then we’d appreciate a small donation.

Interested? Watch the introduction video:

You prefer a self-hosted solution? Have a look at DupReport. (Up to now, it is not a dashboard, only email reports.)

You can use this thread to provide feedback, ask for new features or report problems. I am planning to also use it to provide some news update the service.

Take the values
Create incremental backups without .zip or any compression

We introduced a new feature that may be very useful to some of you: For each backup set, you can now define the link to the Duplicati webinterface. This way, the Duplicati webinterface is only one button click away from the monitoring dashboard:


This of course only works when the webinterface is accessible. If the webinterface is accessible over its external IP, but the IP is dynamic, you can use {IP} in the URL, which will get replaced with the IP that submitted the last backup report:


If our service makes your life easier, please consider donating. Your donation is needed to pay for our developing costs and hosting expenses. Thank you.


Looks like a great donation-worthy service. Which reminds me, I need to make a duplicatie-donation still.


We just deployed a new feature:
It is now possible to restrict the backup sets that are included in the email reports that the service sends to a contact:


You can for example group your backup sets by department/customer and create one contact per department/customer that receives email reports only about this backup set group.


Thank you!
By the way, I got an idea for possible future enhancement:

Thanks to duplicati-monitoring I realized how backup get slower over time (screenshots in this topick VACUUM - performance improvement is huge )

So if Duplicati Monitoring could display graph with backup duration, it might be useful


Hi there,

Loving the email reporting its very helpful, but I do have one small request.

Are we able to increase the contrast between a failed job and a successful job. I’m having trouble seeing the failed job in this screenshot. I’m slightly colour blind, but normally don’t have any trouble with green/red.

TL:DR Are we able to make the red on a failed job a bit darker?



Interesting, viewing this on a different screen, the red shows up more. So more of a device issue. but still would be nice if we could make the red box a bit darker please :slight_smile:


Great work on this… I’ve used it for a while now and love it.


@AndrewAUS: Thanks for this feedback. Making it darker may introduce new problems, as it decreases the contrast between text and background. This may not be a problem for you, but possibly other people out there… Also, there seem to be a lot of different forms of color-blindness looking at the simulators out there. To me, it seems hard to find colors that work well for all forms of color blindness and still look “nice” to “normal” people. Thus, I decided to highlight error and warning-cells with a dark border. This should be eye-catching for anyone, no matter whether colorblind or not.

So here is a normal screenshot:

And a greyscale version:

Does this work good for you?

Also note that we did not pick these colors. These are standard colors from Twitter’s bootstrap. This is an issue regarding this in the Twitter bootstrap repository (more issues linked in there):

The idea with the border originates from here (thanks a lot):


@mr-flibble Just noticed I have not replied to you, yet. Thanks for the idea, it truly makes lots of sense. I put it on our todo.


We currently receive about 7000 backup reports each day, so our database recently started growing a bit fast and the performance of the service suffered a bit form that. Its not like it is problematic, just that we need to think more about performance. That’s why we started to work on some performance improvements recently. As part of this, we archived the reports from 2017 and 2018. We have not decided yet whether we will make the archive accessible to you or remove it altogether.

So a general question to our users: Are you just interested in the reports of about 3 months back, or would you prefer to keep all reports?


Hello, it would be very convenient to be able download data (maybe as csv?) to analyze it locally. For example to see duration grow.

Having all reports is probably not needed, because current graphs do not take advantage of that anyway (at least for my data)