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uh oh - did we break it?

Not you. It seems our new trainee accidentally broke it last night. I am checking it and will let you know once it is up again. I am really sorry for any inconveniences. And sorry for the late reply, today is a public holiday in Germany.


Our service is operational again. Sorry for any inconveniences.


Awesome!!! Thanks!!!

This tool is incredible. Thank you!

:world_map: New language for Duplicati Monitoring: :fr: French / Francais

Thanks to Éric Duchateau for providing this translation :clap:

If you can translate our service into any other language, please contact me.


RE: Allow configuration of emails:-
Send :question: Backup Status Warning mails to a different email address
Only send emails on Warnings and errors option

We are running duplicati on a synology DS218+ and start it up using Task Manager; I have it configured to to email me on warnings and fatal errors to an IT-Alerts@… alias, this way the team can prioritise their response, however duplicati sometimes dies so we don’t get any notification that the backups have stopped, hence using your great tool which has already detected that the backups have stopped. However I am trying to cut down on the amount of email we get hence the use of an IT-Alerts@ alias which is easy for us to monitor.

You may suggest that we set email rules however MS exchange server does not allow rules that filter to shared email folders.

Again a Great tool

best regards

In the “contacts” section of our service, you can configure for each email address which kind of emails it gets. Is that what you are looking for?
For example, you can configure one contact / email account that gets all reports but is basically unread just for archiving the history and one contact / email account that only gets errors or warnings.


yes this was what I was looking for but failed to see; if I may suggest a general help page/FAQ on your website.

Many Thanks

Hi, I’d like to contribute with the translation in Italian language.
This morning I tryed to make a monthly donation, but paypal showes an error after about 2 minutes… What is wrong?

For the rest, good job team!

PS Making a donation to this web site, am I helping to duplicati team, or only to the author of this web site?

Hi @Emanuele_Bruno. Thanks for your message and sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for offering an Italian translation. I will send you the texts to translate by private message and you can send the translated version back.

Regarding donations: We are not the Duplicati team. Donating at duplicati-monitoring.com is a donation to the company (Mittelstandsoptimierer. Vertumno GmbH) that developed that service. We use the money to pay developers and hosting costs. If you want to donate to the Duplicati team, please use the donation links on duplicati.com/donate .

Regarding the paypal error: That is strange. Does it still occur?

Hi @crazy4chrissi, I can’t thank you enough for this… I think I donated within the hour I found this post (happened a bit ago).

Having gotten the email summaries now for a few months, a bit of feedback:

  • The website is generally good, but I use the email 9 times out of 10…
  • For some reason, the email doesn’t show in mobile email clients. I’m not sure why… it won’t let me scroll and doesn’t resize to the window. Not sure if that’s something you can do anything about.
  • Is there a reason why “warning” reports don’t have a size? I have some backup sets that I’m perpetually fighting with related to warnings, so they never show up as having a size.
  • Can we get a total size of all backups and a total size of each backup set?
  • Can the “next report expected” be colored to indicate if a report is late?
  • Related to ^^, an option or something that uses relative times instead of absolute times for “next report expected”. Having been logged out at some point and being lazy and not logging back in, I went off the email and thought everything was good, only to eventually log in and find out I had an entire backup set that hadn’t backed up for over a month… seeing a full date-time instead of relative meant I glazed over it.

Thanks again for this!

Thanks a lot for your feedback @rcmaniac25

Which email clients did you try? I have checked k-9 and it works okay, just that it ignores the colors. A while ago I had tried Outlook for Android and it worked pretty well including colors.
Would be good to know which clients have problems.
But it is a pretty difficult task actually to get emails working well on each client out there… In my opinion, HTML emails are a whole mess and it was already pretty difficult to get the emails the way they are now.

This is what Duplicati sends us. Actually, some warning reports do have a size and our service will display it. If no size is displayed, it may be because Duplicati did no backup up any (new) data in this run, probably due to the warning. We can only display what Duplicati sends us…

Sounds pretty useful, yes.

The “Last successful backup” column is colored and basically indicates more or less that. The difference would only be in case of warning backups. And really, I would not trust warning backups! But yeah, we could also color that.

Hmm. The subject of the email should have been “Error” with a flame symbol and the backup set in question should have been marked red in the “Last successful backup” column. Is this too easy to miss?
I really would recommend not to get used to the emails reporting “error” state. This state should always indicate that you need to do something. If you have a backup that does not run every time as the system is not always turned on, you can configure a higher interval in duplicati monitoring. For example, you have a backup that is configured to run daily in Duplicati. But the system is not turned on from time to time. You can configure in Duplicati monitoring that this backup runs weekly. Then, it will not complain when a successful backup arrives once per week. It would only complain once no backup has been run for more than a week.
The same is possible, if a backup spits warnings from time to time and you want to ignore them as long as a successful backup runs one a week.

I guess what we should do is add some characters into the emails in case of errors or warnings additionally to the colors, as it seems your email client does not show the colors to you (like k-9 for me). So we would add a couple of !!! symbols around a date in the past to trigger your attention.
The problem with relative timestamps in emails is that you usually read the email at a different point in time when it was sent, and this means it is really inconvenient to figure out what time is meant because you have to calculate the time relative to the time the email was sent in your head. This is why we use relative times in the web interface, but absolute times in emails.


Sorry for the delay…

I use BlackBerry Hub (unified inbox system so you can get basically all notifications in it instead of just emails). I don’t have many emails that don’t format correctly in it. In my case I can only see 2-3 columns, it won’t pinch zoom smaller, and trying to drag left/right starts to move the table but then switches emails as I tried to move too much.

It’s not super important, just a “this doesn’t work here”

Ah, ok. Before I wrote that note I had double checked the json message and saw the size, so I assumed it was Duplicati-Monitoring. Very well.

Ah, I was wondering that at the time I wrote my request. As for the warning backups, I get the worry, but I’d rather get a warning about not being able to process a path (darn you temp office docs and Firefox cache files) then for it to not backup anything.

Regardless, I’m a big fan of options so I see the original request as something maybe as an option (I don’t know if I’m the only one who wants to associate the color with the column), but maybe one with an additional color: green “backup is on time within some threshold”, orange “same as green, but for when the backup was a warning”, red “backup is late”

Until you told me this, I didn’t even notice the “error” subject, flame, etc. I saw the red “Last successful backup” but most of my backups are late anyway, so my “last successful backup” column is always red. “lots of noise, not enough signal”

(note: I blame Duplicati with the late backups. One computer I have has 5 backup sets. Personal opinion… instead of “queue: 1 (in progress), 2, 3, 4, 5, <end of queue until {too long explanation}>”, Duplicati does “queue: 1 (in progress), 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …” and so if the backups don’t take as long as I expect, they all backup and I’ll end up with backups quite late)

Hmm… I misunderstood the setup for the backup sets in Duplicati-Monitoring. I thought it was supposed to match the settings of the backup set itself.

Oh, I see the colors. I just can’t see the whole email. I have 14 backup sets and can only see maybe 2-3 backup sets, and 2-3 columns. The colors and emoji are there, just not the whole email. I tend to look at them on my desktop where I can see the whole email instead. Besides that first comment, most of my requests/comments were from looking at the email on a desktop browser (Outlook.com)

I get that, but maybe it’s because of how I look at emails, if I see something relative (“…I’ll email you in an hour…”), I look at the time the email was received so I can work out the relative time. Again, I like options, so if there’s some way to basically say put a “sent” timestamp and then relative times, I can then use the email for more then just status checks using colors.

Additional request… I was figuring out what to write ^^, and the thought crossed my mind “the storage graphs on the web interface are really cool and useful and it would be cool to have them in the email” but that would possibly make the email too busy. Perhaps something simple: in the size field, if the size has been going up, add an up arrow next to the size. If it’s been going down, add a down arrow.

Again, thanks for the work. It’s been a great help as I continue to tweak Duplicati till it works the way I want it too.

Many thanks for Duplicati Monitoring. I have found it most useful, and have two accounts.
Now two problems:
Up until 16/Oct/2019, the back up name was shown as the name I created in Duplicati. Since then, in one account, in DM the name for ALL the back up sets has changed to “CAC” which is part of the backup Set name. This has occured in only one of the two accounts. The other hasn’t changed, and is working fine. Can this be fixed?
The other problem is that my emails to your email address are bouncing! (Hence this forum post)
Regards, and another big Thank You for your excellent service!

Hi @CAC and sorry for the late reply.

I am currently investigating both problems (bouncing emails and name of backupset changed).
Did you change anything regarding your backupsets on 16/Oct/2019? In the database, your backup sets have been modified 16/Oct/2019 between 03:08:35 and 03:09:48 (UTC+2). Did you try to change something around that time? Like changed the interval or something?

Edit: From our webserver logs I can see that you changed your backup sets on 16th of October around that time. So you are sure you did not change the backupset names?

Many thanks for your reply.

  I have recently changed the report interval, although I'm not

sure what date that was.



Hmmm. Have you tried changeing the names back?

I thought the names may have been somehow cut off because of special characters or something while you changed the report interval. But I could not reproduce this nor find something in the code that could make this happen.

Anybody else experienced backupset names changing unexpectedly?

Btw, mail address should be working again.


  I have changed the back up names back to their originals, using

the backupset/ number which appears when placing the cursor over
the backup name. All seems OK at present.

I will let you know if there are any further problems.