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I’m starting with duplicati and I have some doubts
I have been using programs to make copies for years, until recently some paid ones, but with problems, I see that it works very well

  1. At destination, if I want to make a copy on 2 different disks, I see that in ADVANCED OPTIONS it could be done,
    It seemed to me that the option would be: alternate-target-patchs:
    Here I put a link to the folder, but it does not save it and it does not save it?

  2. sending an email with the description of what you have copied, I have found several news with examples, but for now the tests that we see that you do are in the description a lot of information and unclear
    You can translate (which file could you modify) the content of the description that they put in the email, I have it in Spanish, but the emails, a lot of things are not translated

(attached capture of what I have programmed)
–send-mail-body=%RESULT% Remote server url %LOCALPATH% %volsize%
–send-mail-subject=Copies Test %OPERATIONNAME% %backup-name%
–backup-name=backup name

  1. You can change the name of the files by the name of the folder to copy, always put in the files:
    duplicati- letters and numbers. zip

thank you very much for your help

The manual description of that option says:

The first existing path that optionally contains the marker file is then used as the destination.

So you can’t have two destinations. You would need to use a separate sync tool to copy files from one destination to the second. Maybe you can call this in a script with --run-script-after.

It is a known bug that will hopefully be fixed in the next version. A workaround is to open the backup to edit and use the advanced options at the end.

%RESULT% is the big output that you have in your screenshot. If you only want success/failed, use %PARSEDRESULT%. I don’t know if that will be translated.

Did you look at this solution, maybe it works better than the integrated mails:

The file names on the destination are supposed to be this way. You can change the prefix from duplicati to something else, but I would not suggest it. These files do not correspond to your source files. They contain parts of the files, and only duplicati knows how to put them back together. This is so that the same data does not need to appear multiple times.

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