Format of listing of Backups in old and new monitoring websites

I’m not sure if this should go into the (one and only?) forum topics for and the new Duplicati monitoring “app” resp. - but since it applies to both, I thought I’d open a separate topic for this.
The list of backup reports is sorted by report date (or “end date”). The format of this date is relative to “now”, and given in hours/days/weeks/months ago. After looking at the graphs sometimes I want to look at a detail report of a specific date (which the graph nicely displays), where for example I noticed a peak in new/changed data or runtime. If this date was let’s say 4 weeks ago, I’d have to scrutinize the list of all reports “4 weeks ago” to find the anomaly in the respective column (new/changed, runtime), to identify the specific report, before I can open it to look at the details. This may mean having to scroll through a lot of pages, unless I make them display the max of 200 items per page.
It would be more helpful if there was a way to display the actual date (if not date+time) of the report, rather than - or in addition to - the coarse grouping by day/week/month.