Delete old versions of backup without running a new backup

I have an old backup configuration from a former laptop. When I started using a new laptop it was time to clean up some stuff and to rearrange things. I kept de old backups on my remote storage space (Stack) because they could contain files I might need some day. But one of those backups contains 14 versions (it was configured with the smart retention option). I want to save space on my remote storage so I want to delete the 13 oldest versions of the backup and just keep the last one. But I cannot run the backup one last time because the source has been rearranged or removed. I just want to delete the older versions.

Is that possible? And if so, how can I do that?

Hello and welcome!

Yes you can delete versions without running a new backup. In the main Web UI, click on your backup job to expand options. Click the blue “Commandline …” link. Change the dropdown to “delete”. Replace the contents of the “Commandline arguments” box with --version=1-13 (the most recent backup is version 0, so this would select the older 13 versions for deletion). Finally, click the blue “Run delete command now” button at the bottom right of the page.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your clear explanation. It works!


All right, that works great.

Now, is there also a way to delete, let’s say, nine versions out of ten in one go?

I tried this:


As a result, versions 21 to 29 were deleted. The first line was ignored.

I thought of trying this (but didn’t dare):


Would this work?

I did a quick test with multiple ranges and using a comma appeared to work fine. In my test I used:


and this was the result:

  Listing remote folder ...
  Deleting file (1.22 KB) ...
  Deleting file (1.31 KB) ...
  Deleting file (1.34 KB) ...
  Deleting file (792 bytes) ...
  Deleting file (605 bytes) ...
  Deleting file (792 bytes) ...
  Deleting file (606 bytes) ...
These filesets were deleted:
0: 2/26/2022 8:45:30 PM
1: 2/26/2022 8:45:27 PM
3: 2/26/2022 8:45:18 PM
Return code: 0

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Wow! Great! It works! What an incredibly flexible program. :brain:

Thank you!