Backing up the configuration


While I can backup my files with Duplicati, I was wondering what I should also backup to be able to restore the configuration in case of catastrophic failure on the computer running Duplicati.
I believe that at least the .sqlite file should be, but I’m not sure it contains all that is needed to restart from a blank computer.
I could not find it either in the documentation, but maybe I did not look in the appropriate place.

Hello, best practice is regularly backup/export backup job to another location. With that you will not have problem to restore/rebuild backup in future when you forget everything :slight_smile:

In theory is possible backup .sqlite and have everything. But sqlite is password protected and can be only unlocked with duplicati…and I’m not sure what problems it can hide…

There are some settings on the Settings page that you might also want to note (if you actually use any). There doesn’t seem to be an export feature. In “Default options”, I verified that my option was not in job export. While some settings are only on the Settings page, How do default options work? covers merge.

SQLite is not password protected in any strong way. For encryption of exports, check “Encrypt file”, and don’t forget the password. Note that your configuration backup may have sensitive information such as passwords.

What happens when source computer’s hardware fails

might also be good reads. Thanks for planning ahead!

Would there be a way to export the job via the command line tool?

There’s some culture clash there because Duplicati’s commandline tool wants all its options on its invocation.

What you’re asking for might be a command line tool that can do things GUI-style except not using the GUI…

Integration between command line and web interface #2693

and there’s a proof-of-concept, but I’m not sure about current status or future plans. You can ask @Pectojin

You could add your use on the GitHub thread or Client-side agent and centralized management / dashboard

It’s functional and has a good amount of features but some things aren’t possible yet :slight_smile:

Everything that’s implemented is very stable since it’s such a small program that outsources all the heavy lifting to the Duplicati server.

We talked about putting it into the Duplicati organization and distributing it officially but I got a bit shy about it’s “readiness” and wanted to work more on it.

That being said I haven’t had that much time for it, as the repos commit history reveals.

This use case works :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the information, I’ll have a look at it.

I’m wondering if it would be possible to define the options using the server, export the job and then actually turn off the server so that I can invoke the command line interface giving it the job file as the source for all its options.

If not, maybe it would be possible to create a “converter” program that, given the job export file, would output the equivalent command line invocation

There’s a converter program in the WebUI for your second wish. It even adds quotes to protect against shells.
On the “Export backup configuration” screen, you can choose “As Command-line”. If you dislike an enormous command line, or want to keep some of its options off the command line, you can convert to –parameters-file.

Your first wish might be more controversial. See GitHub #2693 on integration above, and read the discussion. That direction seems to be to keep commandline without server, but enhance server case with duplicati-client.

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Exporting from the webUI via command line is enough for me, so no need to have that json parser in the command line.
Thanks for pointing out that export option.