Automatic configuration and database backup?

Heyo! Thanks for the amazing tool. It recently saved me when I had to reformat a machine. Thankfully, I had a good backup care of Duplicati.

However, being a n00b, I didn’t realize just how long it would take to reconstruct the local database from the backup. I even downloaded all the backup files and stored them on my local SSD. It still took nearly 24 hours to rebuild the database!

The backup was about 150GB.

I saw some posts saying that people will make a second backup of just the sqlite database and configuration to speed up restores.

First of all, is this process documented somewhere? I want to make sure that I do this correctly so that I don’t have to wait so long if I need to restore again.

Secondly, would it be possible to build this in as a feature so that not so much manual labor is needed?


(Just FYI - I donated via paypal and I hope that everyone who uses Duplicati on the reg contributes as well!)

Hello @Micah_Silverman and welcome to the forum!

Would it be a good idea of Duplicati would also put the local database (encrypted) on the remote location? came in slightly earlier and is getting the discussion, although not quite a step-by-step. The only things that seem different are the timing (right after the main one) and contents (see Database screen for DB’s path).

Configuration backup wasn’t discussed there, and is a little harder because it’s not just one file per backup. Duplicati-server.sqlite has all the configurations (with passwords), so make sure your backup is encrypted. One still needs some information kept separately, otherwise one won’t be able to decrypt configuration info. Still, having the details easily recoverable is good. One can also export individual configurations for backup.

Entire configuration backup
Backing up the configuration
are earlier discussions done as Support topics. There are likely more, but a Feature request is also helpful.

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