How do default options work?

I originally setup a backup without any extra options. I later discovered I wanted some extra options such as below normal thread priority. I set this option in the default options, but it didn’t appear to take effect. So I added it as an option to my existing backup and it appears to be working.

Now I would like to use those options for all future backups. So I went to the settings page and configured them as default options. I then created a new backup to see if these new options will show up. During the setup I did not see the default options show up on the options page. After the backup was setup I didn’t see the default options show up either.

So the question is, when I configure default settings, should they be showing up on new backups or are they supposed to take effect on all new and existing backups and only show up under the settings?

The idea is that the “common” settings are applied to all backup tasks, but can be overridden for the individual jobs. There is no way to really see what options are effectively applied if you are using the “common” settings.

We should fix this, so it becomes transparent what happens.

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Thank you for the explanation. I’ll move my options to all defaults and see how that goes.

Having the option to edit the options as text makes it really easy to move them from one place to another!

Can’t you see this when exporting the backup job to commandline?

Yes, that should work. Not user friendly, but it does the trick :slight_smile:

So something preferable might be to show all (including applicable global) settings on the job edit page, perhaps with global in a different color / shading / block?

Maybe overrides of global settings should be indicated as well…

Cons might include:

  • potential security implications (are there visible only in global settings?)
  • need to be smart enough to not show non-applicable settings