"data is encrypted" when restoring local files but actually haven't encrypted

hi guys, just did a backup in last day before a pc cleanup, so now i’m restoring it.
the problem is that i actually haven’t put a password on it,but it keeps telling me about encrypted data when trying to restore it.

second question:
if accidentally i’ve actually put a password on it and i’m not remembering it, would be possible to restore data in some ways or not?

Hello, you can check easily if data are encrypted - look at names of backup files in destination. Encrypted files have .aes extension
like this

If you forget password - you have to remember then :slight_smile:
Or recover somehow original Duplicati database - password is stored there

first of all, thank you!
i checked and files are .aes so… i think it’s going to be a mess.

this because when i started the backup, i was asked to put a password, and i was typing an easy one, but then i realised that it wasn,'t necessary so i deleted it.
Now restoring the files i’m asked a PW… and i tried also putting the easy password that i typed, also some alternative pw that i would have used but… nothing.
you know where i can look for some tips?

do you have content of C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Duplicati before pc cleanup?
Your password was stored there in sqlite DB.

Is this all being done in the web UI? At least in, it’s putting up a big fight when I try to add a password:



Unless this was a recent change, I’d be surprised if the web UI casually allowed one to remove the password.

Changing the archive password is also supposedly prevented although some people would prefer otherwise.

Ordinarily the Duplicati databases remember the password for you. This makes unattended backup possible.

Backing up the configuration preserves this (and other) information to make any loss-of-disk recovery easier.

That leads up to the next question, which is was the pc cleanup a minor one, or is its source data now gone?

This sounded like a new backup (maybe not of historical worth?). Is there something in it you need restored?

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