Moving to another storage provider


I use Dropbox to synchronize AND as destination to store Duplicati backups, as well as Backblaze B2.

If I need to change the provider in the future, I can simply copy the Duplicati files to the new provider (and continue using the same encryption password), or I will have to restart the backups from scratch and (what worries me the most) lose all the versions that will be stored in the “old” provider?


All you have to do is:

  1. copy / move the destination files from your old to new destination
  2. update your existing backup job to point to the new destination

All your version history should stay intact - no “starting from scratch” required. :slight_smile:

If you want to read up on other users’s experiences with this, you can check out these topics:


Thank you!

I had done a search before asking but it didn’t occur to me to search for “cloud to cloud”.:roll_eyes:


Do you recall what search you used? It might make sense to tag those topics with common terms to help make them easier to find…


I don’t remember the exact terms, but it was something similar to the title of this topic, “moving to another provider” or something like that.


RCLONE may help in such situations.