Google Drive Storage Path. How to change it?

My working backup destination storage path on Google Drive is:


I want to change it to:


What is the easiest way to do this without having to re-upload 1.5TB of data?

Moving to another storage provider is the basic method. From a Duplicati point of view, this move is easier because you’re not changing the “Storage type”. You just have to edit “Path on server” to point to the new location, and also use How to Move a Google Drive Folder (or similar) to move the destination folder there. The best sequence is probably move, adjust Duplicati on the “Destination” screen, then “Test connection”. Everything below is additional worries and safety checks you can use if you’d prefer to proceed carefully…

Obviously don’t do any backups while things are mismatched, and consider testing a less essential backup before moving one that’s critical. Unable to restore from Google Drive is a security feature a move might hit.

Another way to help make sure things are in order is to use the backup job’s Commandline option to do the initial backup attempt after move, with the –dry-run option added and checked, to make sure all looks good.

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