Unable to restore from Google Drive

As a test I’ve copied the backup files from a local folder to a folder on my google drive.
Then I attemped a direct restore from Google Drive.
Unfortunately, on step 3, I got the error:
Connection failed: No filesets found on remote target

About Authorization describes Google’s OAuth 2 scopes. If you’re not using Duplicati OAuth Handler option “Google Drive (full access) login” I think you’re getting "Google Drive (limited) login, which keeps apps from accessing files that are not theirs. Usually this is the safer approach, but it might be what broke your import.

Google describes these as “Per-file access to files created or opened by the app.” versus “Full, permissive scope to access all of a user’s files”. I’m not sure if there’s a good way to force Duplicati to upload your files. There might be some other workaround available, but I’m not deeply expert in how Google Drive does this…

Catched! A full login auth solves the issue.
Thank you.

i setup an duplicati backup to google teamdrive with outh full.
When i put only ‘team drives’ in destination field > the process when test connection worked. The backup runs complete an the restore shows the files, but when i look at the teamdrive folder > i cant see any file? Where are they?

For those using Team Drive, @Timpeltu found them, and it’s a different issue than the one resolved above.