Does Duplicati support MySQL / MSSQL server database backups?

MySQL / MSSQL can produce database backups to the local disk using built in tools. How to make Duplicati backup those backup files to the remote server?

Is it possible to run pre-backup scripts to backup the SQL databases and then send them to the remote server?

Basically, How to do SQL backups with Duplicati? Thank you.

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Duplicati currently only supports MSSQL databases.

Run Duplicati on the MSSQL server create a new backup task, under sources you should see MSSQL.

Run Duplicati as admin or service if you can’t see MSSQL under sources.

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You can also make backups of MySQL, but you need to make it flush the buffers before the VSS snapshot is started:

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Do you meant that I can simply make MySQL flush the buffers first and then backup the MySQL’s /data folder using Duplicati?

Wouldn’t be easier using mydumper or/and a script before running duplicati?

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Doable for sure :slight_smile: I guess that Duplicati has some built in configuration option to set a pre- backup script. I will check that later.

That is what I do. A small bash script that calls mysqldump is run using the --before-script (I think that’s the option flag) flag. I also ended up increasing the script timeout.


Is MYSQL support in road map?

You can back it up using a Duplicati pre-backup script that dumps the database to regular flat files, then you back up the dump folder with Duplicati.

Thanks, How can i have the small bash script that calls mysqldump, On windows? Any tutorial?

There’s another recent thread where this same thing is being discussed… check it out:

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So if you need to create an MS SQL backup you just need to check the appropriate database from the sources and you are care-free for flushing buffers etc?

Aren’t there any extra options involved apart from snapshot policy → required to be sure that the backup is taken correctly?