Pledge system to support feature development

I dismissed using Duplicatie primarily because it’s missing an integrated way to backup Microsoft SQL (and PostgreSQL).

I would like to get the above feature on the top list of the developers.

Is there any fund where one (together with other from the community) could pledge funds to speed up the implementation of certain feature?

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I don’t use it myself, but Duplicati does seem to have native support for MS SQL backups. Duplicati would need to run on the server in which SQL is installed, with elevated rights (so it can utilize VSS), and under an account that has sysadmin rights to the database instance.

With regards to PostgreSQL support, it looks like a request is already present on the Github site.

There is a way to add a bounty to specific issues to encourage higher priority development.

Thanks for the link to BountySource , however I search for MSSQL and even SQL and came up empty on issues/projects.

It’s also not apparent if the Bounti\ySource for Duplicati is actual alive and kicking. The last aearded bounty was over a year ago and the last pledge activity over 1 month ago.
It would be nice to be able to look up and sort “Closed/Awarded” bounties.

Also sorting issues with the biggist award would also be nice:

  1. For supporters: is easier to lookup the “big issues” and support them to get them done faster
  2. For the contributors: do the work with the biggest reward first.

The issue about PostgreSQL you linked to, is not the same issue I meant.
I want Duplicati to be able to backup a PostgreSQL database, your link is about Duplicati using PostgreSQL as the internal database to store it’s own data.

Greeetingssssssss from The Netherlands

MS SQL should already work in Duplicati, per my previous post. But I don’t personally use it so can’t vouch for it too much.

If the existing PostgreSQL issue doesn’t match what you’re looking for, feel free to start a new Github issue and then you can use BountySource with your own issue.

I can’t comment on how well BountySource works. I know development resources are tight so there is no guarantee this will help expedite your request! seems to do that (found while trying site out).
You can see that the median cumulative bounty on the issues list is $20, so effectiveness is not much. Some of the (few) volunteer developers can’t even accept token amounts due to employer restrictions.

Duplicati team doesn’t run the site, so not much point sending feature requests for Bountysource here.
There’s quite possibly not even formal affiliation. These folks just fetch issues from GitHub themselves.
Bountysource pocketing people’s money? was a recent ugly decision they made then retracted quickly.

You can certainly open feature requests just like this one, saying exactly what you mean, and pointing to any solutions from other sources that do what you want. Forum feature requests get no pledge system, however they might get more community discussion. Perhaps someone will even offer a script solution.

If you want to spend money, you might find someone who’s good with scripts to writes scripts Duplicati could run by its scripting options. That’s usually how integration with databases gets done, and often it’s because there are few DB-vendor-supported ways to do backups. You don’t want to hack out your own.

Chapter 25. Backup and Restore from the PostgreSQL 12 manual describes how to pg-dump. Back up what that makes. If needed later, restore the backup and run psql. Admittedly there are manual steps… duplicati-client would be one way to automate, but a simpler might be to run Duplicati from a CLI script.

Yes, Duplicati @ bountysource does not really seems to be really active. also uses BountySource and it also not realy active as you would expect.
The bounty idea is great, but somehow it does not work.

My filosophy has always been: “Make it easier for the end user by automating as much as possible!

At my work I often write scripts to automate things some software suplier are not willing to do,
however I am always afraid that a script will brakes eventually if the supplier changes their software.
Thats why I always want it integrated into the software (if possible :wink: )

My approach in this is, I can pay a commercial party or try to invest in an open source project so more people benefit, so I like donations , but when a target could be connected a bigger amount can be raised (which would be nice if the developer was planning to do the feature anyway).

Just my 2 cents…

P.s. I have send BountySource an e-mail, but have not yet recived a reply.

It’s unclear which supplier is which in the above two-supplier case, but if Duplicati calls pg_dump for you, “integrated into the software”, change to pg_dump may mean you will wait for Duplicati to fix then release. This seems hugely slower (but maybe easier) than your fixing a script. Releases are many months apart.

I agree with general idea that documented interfaces are more stable. That’s why I pointed to PostgreSQL documentation. If you worry about software changes from Duplicati, I doubt it would remove script abilities although it did add exit code handling (e.g. so one can call off a backup if setup is wrong). Documentation:
and also in your Duplicati installation. There’s also a batch file example there, but no PowerShell example, however I don’t know which Microsoft SQL you have, but I’d prefer to defer details until you open new topic where specifics get discussed, and people who use these DBs (I don’t) might notice and pitch in. Teasers:

Install the SQL Server PowerShell module
BACKUP (Transact-SQL)
SQL Server Backup, Integrity Check, and Index and Statistics Maintenance

probably refers to the “let-VSS-do-it” plan as opposed to the script or SQL based plan. For more on VSS,
Does Duplicati support MySQL / MSSQL server database backups? has comments about both methods. Possibly you can follow up there instead of starting a new topic. Or search for a better existing topic on it.

Back Up and Restore of SQL Server Databases gets into some of the different concepts and methods… Specialized commercial software seems to exist. I don’t know if it’s simpler or expects an expert to use it. Pricing is very high, approaching $1000/year. For those, target market is probably a well-funded business.

At the moment we are using a 3rd party (paid) software to backup our Micrsoft SQL database.
I am going to implement Duplicati on my standard Windows file servers.

My goal was to learn C# this and the next year and do some MS SQL and PostgreSQL programming.
As part of the learning curve I would use Duplicati to backup my databases.
And if I become confident in administering the databases and could backup and restore them without any problem, I could switch to Duplicati for our database.
Almost 100 people are dependent on our database, so I must be 200% before I switch. :grinning:

Thanks @ts678 for compiling so many resources for me and other forum users to read and to archive for later use! :wave: