Ubuntu 24.04 Issues

I did an OS upgrade from 23.10 to 24.04 that failed, and I had to do a fresh 24.04 install. Beside the 24.04 issue everyone else has had, I need to copy the Duplicati config file/files from the 23.10 disk to 24.10. What should I be looking for, I presumably can put it/them in the same place on 24.10.

That brings me to the libappindicator0.1-cil issue everyone has had, and saw the support thread. Frankly it left me confused. What is the easiest solution?

The files are usually stored in ~/.config/Duplicati.
You need the Duplicati-server.sqlite and any *.sqlite files.

I am not aware of any good workarounds unfortunately.

If you can live without having the tray-icon, you can ignore the dependency and just run duplicati-server instead of duplicati.

If you really want the tray icon, I will post a canary build soon that does not rely on libappindicator or mono. It does change quite a lot of things though, and is significantly less tested, although the core implementation is unchanged.

I have now published a canary build that installs on Ubuntu 24.04.
There are a few caveats and it is not well tested, but it does fit the “easiest” criteria.

OK, I’m game. Questions:

Where should I download the zip file? https://duplicati.com/download just has the standard

Are the generic Linux instructions still correct for this?

I have /root/.config/Duplicati (and its contents) copied over from Ubuntu 23.10. Will the install on 24.04use the config and sqlite files there?

You can use the update server:

Or Github:

And I am also experimenting with a prettier version (not a stable URL):