Still not working at Synology DS216j

Hey, I still have problems with Duplicati on my DS216j running DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4.
I use Mono 4.6.2-0096 and Duplicati And my user is member of http group. So looking at the Threads I found so far here, I should not get the “Connection lost” error. Any idea?

I assume you confirmed that the user is part of the HTTP group as suggested in the Troubleshooting section of the #howto guide?

As I already mentioned, the user is member of that group, but I just double-checked, and yes he still is member of group http

I’m sorry - I completely missed that you had mentioned that in your post (that’s what I get for skimming).

So let me step back a sec and ask (re-ask?) some basic questions:

  • can you tell if the server is going down (meaning backups don’t run) or just access to the web interface?
  • has this ever worked reliably (perhaps before update 4)?
  • are you connecting through the DSM GUI, directly on the device, via SSH, from elsewhere on the LAN, or from the internet? (or some other method I didn’t describe…)

Perhaps some other DS216j users (such as @barth or @Wim_Jansen ) will have run into this and resolved it already…

Either way, once we figure out why it’s happening to you I’ll be sure to update the guide to reflect your scenario.

So when I do a ps via ssh, the mono process is running. It didn’t already work, therefore I have not been able to create any backups. I know the web interface is not working, but backups could work, if there would have been any.

I tried to connect via DSM gui, or an SSH tunnel, none of them worked.

How do you start the server? Via package center or via command line? I start via cl and works perfect on a ds216j. Don’t know now which versions of mono and dsm.

I start via package manager. I thought that is now working.

Try launching via cl.
mono /volume1/@appstore/Duplicati/Duplicati.Server.exe i think.

If that works we are a step further.

You will also have to move the temp dir to a different location that has more space.

So I don’t know what changed, but I just figured out, that looks like it is working now, when I open an ssh tunnel from the package manager, but DSM gui is still not working.
Running Duplicati from command line doesn’t change that behaviour in any way. I will now give it a try, if it remains working properly and inform you as soon as I can give a feedback