[SOLVED] Found 3 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair

I’ve done several trial uploads: when I load a folder on a cloud configured and prepared to accept Duplicati uploads, even if this folder contains three files, I always get this message:

“Found 3 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair”

If I go to the upload destination folder (in the cloud) the files are present.

I’m worried about bigger uploads and the important files, about the actual presence of all the files backed up and the integrity of each file, difficult to verify if it is a large number of files.

Using the lower “REPAIR” button has no effect and the error remains.

On remote:

19 feb 2019 16:10: list
19 feb 2019 16:09: list
19 feb 2019 16:03: list
19 feb 2019 16:03: put duplicati-20190219T150353Z.dlist.zip.aes
19 feb 2019 16:03: put duplicati-i00976b84cdd546dfb523e92f986a97da.dindex.zip.aes
19 feb 2019 16:03: put duplicati-bafce838fc81f4154b14807bb401c401c.dblock.zip.aes

I read various posts here, here and here, but I did not understand if and above all how the mistake can be avoided.

The need is easy to understand: if I have no certainty of completeness, integrity and the possibility of being able to restore the backup when necessary, it is useless for me to do so, creating - moreover - a false expectation of security.

The “Basic” option “allow-missing-source” option does not reassure me. Do you advise me to use it?

How can this error be avoided?

Go to database click recreate database, than run backup


Thanks for now. I try and let you know.

I am afraid that the error is due to the server not responding about the list of files sent by Duplicates to compare with its local list. If the list is not returned from the server or is only partially returned, Duplicati thinks the files are missing in the destination.

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Doesn’t seem relevant unless you specify source files that are missing, in which case you might want it.


Use this option to continue even if some source entries are missing.

What storage type is this? If storage file listings are having trouble, the Recreate will probably also suffer.

Some storage types are picky about slashes. You could start down a direct restore from backup files, far enough to see what it takes to at least pull up the backup date, and maybe even the view of available files. Some destination types expect forward slashes (not backslashes), and sometimes one is needed at end.

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Thank you all for the answers.

Unfortunately I use google translator, so I miss some details.
It is very interesting the detail about the “slash” (/) and the backslash (\), indeed, it could also be that my problem may arise from the incorrect use of slash.

Could you kindly explain me better? (The fault is mine if I do not understand well, not yours).

Good day everyone.


thanks to @ts678 that addressed me on the right path: my mistake (or better an oversight of Windows users) was to use the backslash () instead of the slash in the last part of the path.

Now everything works!



Could you explain more ?
I have the same error and I not find the problem … GGGGRRRR

I’m frenchy so

I can’t say for sure what was done, but the idea was to use / rather than \ when giving the remote path.

Many thanks for this help

this helped me too.
Windows 10, 64bit, 1909
Backup from local PC to webdav
got error of missing files on remote after 1. backup run ; backup was not finished
changed pfad delimeter from \ to / and re-run backup -->took seconds --> no error any more
I found it confusing that the connection test worked successfully, but the actuall backup run creates error - should there be a hint on connection test?

Thanks man! It worked for me!

This tiny solution has solved this annoying issue. Why is this bug still there?

Possibly because nobody has ever reported it as an Issue, that I can tell. That’s the first step in getting a developer on it – and there are far too few developer volunteers (910 issues currently in Issues backlog). Even after getting a volunteer, there’s still a learning curve. Nobody instantly knows the entire code base.

If you’re a skilled developer, pull requests to improve Duplicati are sought. That’s how progress happens.

There are also far too few forum volunteers, and that keeps some potential developers tied up on forum.

This particular issue is arguably user entry issue, but the documentation and UI don’t help users enough. The GUI might be able to warn, but not everything is GUI. Duplicati also runs from the OS command line.

Another design issue is whether the issue should just be silently fixed by changing backslash to forward.
Problem there is that backslash is a legitimate character for a path on some systems, but not Windows.
Duplicati now offers 28 options on its Storage Type dropdown for Destination. Each one may differ…

expresses the problem of too many storage types, so it’s hard to even document it on Storage Providers.
One might say each particular storage should error gracefully, but again one gets into how to even test it.
Possibly a generic solution can be found, but it’s still a research effort that some developer must take on.

What remote storage is yours? Feel free to file or find an issue with all the steps to reproduce your issue. Proposing a specific solution that is reasonable to implement (given the above) would also be valuable…

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thank you for the detailed answer. I am an end-user and unfortunately I am not familiar with programming.
I am not perfect in English and I had a little trouble finding a solution.
I registered here - also for the translation tool - to give my contribution. But I think that it is not made very easy for beginners.
I would like to write a German tutorial that explains the installation with my two German server providers. How do I proceed in a useful way here? Is there a german wiki or forum anywhere?

There are none maintained by the Duplicati project, but one never knows what independent sites exist.
Possibly the search engine you usually use could find something if it can search for German language.
There are also quite a few people posting Duplicati German messages. Perhaps one of them will help.

Thanks, worked for me, but I had to manually delete the backup destination and the SQLite database on my machine (well, container, since that’s how I’m running duplicati), after the UI delete database button gave me an error saying the destination folder is empty.

Sorry, but I consider this a BUG! It took me three full days of testing and googling to find out that the backup itself works with backslashes in the path (you can see the files show up in the webdav-drive) but the list-command only work with slashes.

What sucks most is the “test connection” button in the config dialog that gives you a success message no matter if you use \ or / trailing or not, it always works. And the backup seems to work too, it is frustrating. That the list command does not. And the error that you are finally confronted with does not really help.

for me (source: duplicati on windows 10 machine. And destination: a synology nas) it only works with this syntax: “name-of-shared-folder/subfolder/another-folder/”
(no / at the start but one at the end)!

Are you talking about GUI list, or The FIND command (a.k.a. list) on CLI, or list as seen in log?
I’m guessing “the path” means GUI box called Path on server. Issues might depend on server type.
If you can detail exactly what the test is, the place to file the bug report (and wait) is in GitHub Issues.
The forum is not a bug tracker. Bugs absolutely do exist though, and help is welcome to resolve them.

sorry, I stumbled around the web to find a solution and here in this thread I found the hint with the slashes first. After that I was able to google more, but because nothing in the gui gave me a clue that the syntax of the path might be a problem, it was a poking in the mist before this thread.
So I wanted to give others in the context of this thread more info. and Keywords to find this thread.

I am just a user using the gui, I do not find myself technically savvy enough to write a bug ticket.

sorry if my first post feels agressive, I was very frustrated at the time.

I was talking about the “list” with the empty [ ] in the log. The error messages, the gui gave me suggested that the database might have a problem, but nothing about the path syntax.
the server is the “WebDAV” app Synology offers for it’s NAS machines.