Is question on german ok?

Hallo Leute,
mein english ist echt nicht guit, ich hoffe hier sind auch deutschsprachige Nutzer.
Ich nutze duplicati seit einigen Monaten udn hab vor kurzem mich entschlossen einfach mal 10 EUR rüber zuschicken. Software ist Klasse.
Jetzt fangen aber die kleinen Problemchen an.
Darum hier erstmal meine Frage, ob deutsch ok ist

Welcome to the forum @DxU

How about translating posts?

Hi Guys,
my english is really not guit, i hope there are also german speaking users.
I have been using duplicati for a few months and recently decided to send 10 EUR. Software is great.
Now the little problems start.
So here’s my first question: is German ok

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Thank you, then I’ll try it with a translator

I think at least I’ve solved the current problem.

A filter on /home/user/.cache/ is then ignored.
The last / must go. So /home/user/.cache works.

best regards DxU

Not enough information. I assume /home/user/.cache is a folder. I assume this filter is on Destination screen in Filters section. Not totally clear on which option on the dropdown you are typing to. If it was:

or maybe some others, and if you’re on, there might be an extra slash added at end, due to a bug.
What you can do is use the three-dot menu, Edit as text, and here a folder should end with one slash.
This is the expected low-level format described in Filters that the UI entry design tries to build from inputs.

Depends on what you did, but possibly correct. Generally the GUI tries to take care of unexpected format requirements such as a single trailing slash meaning a folder, a minus sign meaning exclude, and so on. This is possibly beginner-friendly, but might confuse people who read the low-level filters description first.