Restore w/o Duplicati

Is there a way to recovery my encrypted Google Drive archives if I can’t use Duplicati?

I love this software and want to keep using it. But I just went through several days and dozens of tries where Oauth did not work. Then it started working again. I never figured out why and stumped the forum. I of course could access Google Drive and see my encrypted blocks. If Oauth is that fragile I need to know my archives are recoverable some other way.

This question has been asked more. Yes, it’s possible using a Python script:

You can also use the Duplicati.CommandLine.Recover.exe tool to recover files from encrypted Duplicati archives:

You must download all files from the backend to local storage before using one of these tools.

It should also be noted that if you downloaded all the archives locally you can also use Duplicati to just restore from the local disk. No OAuth required.