Reordering jobs


Is there a way to reorder the backup jobs? Its relevant when on first start up there is a few outstanding scheduled jobs and they run from top down - would like to control the order they are run (currently the 1st is very slow but less important would like at bottom…)



You could export the job you want at the end, import it, and rename the old database into the new name.

But since you filed this for a feature, not the workaround, the feature is not there yet but has been asked.

Allow to change backup list order
Re-ordering Backup Jobs on Duplicati Landing Page which details the export/import workaround. That’s responding in part to your post, but I can’t tell whether it didn’t help your need or if you hadn’t tried it yet…


In what order does missed backup jobs run?

Is it possible they are running in the order they were scheduled? If so, changing the order in the GUI won’t affect the run order.



Possible, though I’d like to hear what actually happens. It looks like the scheduler gets its list here which does a SELECT here which (per SQL rules) comes out in no particular order because no ordering was requested, however if the database decides to use primary key order, then maybe it’s whatever ran and rescheduled first.



Yeah - it’s interesting how many people assume a database will always return things in the same order. :slight_smile: