In what order does missed backup jobs run?

I have four backup jobs set to start early each morning. Many nights the computer is turned off but this works well since all the four jobs run when it’s turned on. Perfect and just as I want it to work.

But I was wondering, in what order should the missed jobs start? I would have thought that the job that was scheduled the earlist time would start first. But it seems they are started in the order they happen to be shown on the web page, this means that the job with the oldest creation date starts first.

Is it meant to do it that way?

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Is it possible to change this behaviour?

Reordering jobs points to a possible workaround of forcing the display order and (maybe) missed run order. There are also reasons proposed why this might not work (or work reliably), but someone could try anyway.

If you check the System Info page you can see the queue order based on job ID (but there isn’t an easy way to tie that into a job name).

Even without backup names, this would be a good way to see periodically to see if scheduler order is increasing numerical which I think is what the home screen shows as top-down order. To translate to backup names, an easy-but-ugly way is to append home screen URL with #/log/<backup-id>, e.g.:

proposedSchedule : [{"Item1":"4","Item2":"2018-05-22T01:00:00Z"}]
Changing the home page URL into the log URL for backup id 4 gives
http://localhost:8200/ngax/index.html#/log/4 which when run gives
Log data for <backup name> which gave you the name of backup id 4