Release: (experimental) 2019-06-28

This is a cumulative release for more than 6 months of hard work.
Most of these are speedup improvements, error handling and general quality fixes.

This release will give a warning for all users of the Amazon Cloud Drive backen, as it is being discontinued by Amazon:

A big thanks to the community members who work hard with fixing issues and responding on the forum:


Nice work on this version. I’ve upgraded 6 of my systems from and everything is working great!

Problems after upgrade to appears to be a major issue for “FTP (Alternative)” users on Linux or similar UNIX-like FTP servers (maybe including those embedded in a device such as a NAS or a router). Fortunately the alternative to “FTP (Alternative)” is plain “FTP” :wink: but possibly some can’t switch to that. Usage statistics shows about as much “FTP (Alternative)” as “Amazon Cloud Drive”. “FTP” is far higher.