pCloud and Duplicati using webDAV


Is somebody using Duplicati to backup to pCloud using webDAV?
So far I did not succeed to finish a backup, so looking for best practice.


Here are a few posts from people that seem to have used it, but my guess is it’s pretty much the typical WebDAV implementation:


To get the backup started is quite straight forwared. However I have the issue that the backup never finishes. At least not in a reasonable time. With around 100 files and 2GB total backup the upload is stuck at 40 files and 0.8GB to go since 10h now. I had similar results with previous trials.


So the same source to a different destination works but to pcloud WebDAV it stalls right around here?

Is it possible you’re running into pCloud transaction or bandwidth limits?

Checking the log, both regular and “Show Log” -> “Live” -> “Profiling” when the stall is reached might give some hints about what is happening…


I now stopped the backup and restarted it. Then it finished within reasonable time. The next bunch of 2GB uploaded then also without issues. Maybe it was a temporary issue.


Glad to hear it seems to be working for you.


Hi T! I’m trying to sync contactsand calendar via pcloud WebDAV (using davX5). However no URL works and I end up hitting 404 in the error details. Which address do you use? Thanks a lot!


port 443

As I remember the “path on server” must exist. But not 100% sure about it.


Thank you for this information; it’s exactly what I was looking for ! :grinning: