Need/suggest option for decelerating backup process speed

Dear Devs! It would be a nice/very good feature if it might be possible to decelerate the process itself, which is backing up my data during running a backup job.

Why: when a backup needs to join the increment of a backup job and there are several GB of new/modifiied fiiles, my iMac’s fans start to speed up and it become very load. If then my computer ‘stays’ in my lifing room, it is not very comfortable to listen it.

Therefore it would be a great feature to have a silent mode too instead of full performance only.

Thanks in advance!

Enabling –disable-file-scanner and HDD-access speed during backup have ideas on reducing system load. Interesting commentary on how some users want fast but others want low-impact at the expense of speed.

I have tried to do this a few times, but so far I have not had success with reliably throttling the CPU.

You can set the IO priority, which will at least slow down Duplicati if other programs need disk access.