Installation instructions need update

The instructions at Installation - Duplicati 2 User's Manual are mainly for Windows, but also some Linux hints are given. These need some updating. Ubuntu 20.04.1 is already out there, and includes recent enough mono-devel, so perhaps that could be clarified? At end of the page, there is a section for Duplicati installation on Linux, but the section does not state which part is needed for server install, and which part is enough for user mode usage. That too needs an update.

The forum does not track issues. Please file something in Duplicati issues, or possibly Duplicati Manual issues, although what the manual itself requests is a pull request, which is sometimes a too-large “ask”.

Help please:

For me, the following part of the mentioned document - Installation - Duplicati 2 User's Manual - is VERY cryptic. I haven’t got the slightest idea about how the DAEMON_OPTS option should look like. The document should at least contain a link to an explanation of that option:

" Edit the file /etc/default/duplicati and add DAEMON_OPTS options to your liking: sudo nano /etc/default/duplicati

# Defaults for duplicati initscript
# sourced by /etc/init.d/duplicati
# installed at /etc/default/duplicati by the maintainer scripts

# This is a POSIX shell fragment

# Additional options that are passed to the Daemon.
DAEMON_OPTS="--webservice-interface=any --webservice-port=8200 --portable-mode"


ExecStart=/usr/bin/duplicati-server $DAEMON_OPTS

Duplicati.Server.exe describes your choices in typical manual style, as a list of options, but could use improvement (IMO) on helping pick a set of options for a particular purpose. I guess you get to select.

For typical use accessing Duplicati via localhost (, I’m not sure if any above are essential.
Mine (which I don’t think I’ve been customizing) looks like below:

# Additional options that are passed to the Daemon.

Yes, this could be improved. Please see the post above yours on how to register a request for change.