I cant restore from backup files

yesterday i wanted to change os so i backup my entire disk (C:)
so i backup all the files and the next morning i format my pc and reinstall duplicati to restore my files (i mention that the backup files are in other drive)
when duplicate finish downloading ,i go in restore section i select my backup location which is my second drive ,then i select the file where backup files are(aes files)
in the 3rd section ,i setup the restore options and i wait to finish
and in the finish it says restoring 0mb files of 0mb files(my backup file size is 160gb) like wtf


please read

when i said i change os i meant that i reinstall fresh windows again
my bad sorry

Do you restore on the same path that you backed up ?

what do you mean by that ?

if you backed up from say e:, is the same path e:\ existing in your new setup ?

i dont remember but i think yes

if you are not sure, maybe it’s better to not use direct restore then. Recreate a job, point it to your existing backend, set it without automatic backup (important as you don’t want to have a backup starting without wanting it!), then do a database recreate and you’ll be able to use a job restore to see what are the stored paths in your backend.

can you pls say it with more simple words?

recreate a job: click on ‘add backup’, then next, add a backup name, enter the encryption key, click next, in destination select the place where are your encrypted files, do a test to check the encryption key / path, in source select whatever you want (it don’t matter much if all what you want is to restore), in schedule uncheck run automatic backup, then click next and save (unless you changed advanced options in your previous backup).
Then select the new job and click restore.

when i go to restore the files from the new backup it is empty in “Restore from”

did you recreate the database ? you need to select ‘database’ and if ‘delete’ is greyed out, you need to click ‘repair’ to actually populate the database from the backend.

  1. Install Duplicati
  2. Create a new backup job:
    a) in Step 1 make sure to select the same encryption options that you had configured for your backup (probably no encryption/empty passphrase)
    b) in Step 2 make sure you select the destination to the folder where your 160GB backup files are stored
    c) in Step 4 make sure to uncheck the Automatically run backups. option
  3. Once you have created the backup job don’t run it
  4. Go to Home > (your backup) > Advanced > Database > Repair or Home > (your backup) > Advanced > Database > Recreate (delete and repair)
  5. Wait for the database recreation to finish
  6. Once it’s finished, go to Home > (your backup) > Operations > Restore Files

From here you can see what’s backed up and you can select what to restore and where to restore it.

i did all the steps and yet it says : “backup :Restoring: 0 files (0 bytes) to go at 8.23 MB/s”

This generally runs into permission problems on some files unless you run as very privileged user.

What did you pick for files to restore? I certainly hope not everything that was on entire disk before.

Any motion? Anything else before or after? Also try watching About → Show log → Live → Verbose.
Testing a similar restore gave me a reasonable non-zero number of files. Anything at restore target?

no only the files(only .aes files) i backed up from the previous windows

To what? There was a request of several actions, and I’m not sure I’m getting a response to them.
Or is that “no” to the last couple of words of question?

This makes little sense because

which presumably left you with fewer files. And they’re now back somehow? How? Did restore work?


I don’t know if post I replied to got edited or I missed, but I’m asking about folder or drive restored to.

You’re describing how destination should look. What are you restoring, where to, and any progress?

What is your restore strategy anyway?

can you pls explain what do yo u want to answer?

and ? does it stay this way forever ?

yes until it finish and show me a warning that says restore completed but no files restored or something like that