How to backup NAS to Dropbox


Here’s my problem:

  1. I had to buy a Dropbox subscription because I have too many devices I’d like to connect
  2. Since I also got 2 TB with the subscription, I’d like to backup my NAS there, to justify the subscription

I thought it should be simple to copy the folders on my NAS to a folder in Dropbox and sync it, but:

  1. when setting up the destination, I get this error: Failed to connect: {“error_summary”: “path/malformed_path/”, “error”: {".tag": “path”, “path”: {".tag": “malformed_path”}}}
  2. and at the source data tab I can’t select the folders on my NAS

Can you help me?
Oh, I’m on a Mac. I’ve tried to connect to the NAS via smb and afp, but it doesn’t seem to matter.


Hello and welcome to the forum!

Just to be clear, you want to back up your NAS to Dropbox, right? I’m not sure where your Mac fits in.

What kind of NAS do you have? How did you install Duplicati on it? (I have a Synology NAS and can install Duplicati using either the native Synology package or a Docker container…)

Hi, thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s right. But my NAS is not very smart (I have a WD My Cloud and I can’t install anything on it), so Duplicati can only run on my Mac.

Ok, I understand… If you had a Windows PC this may be possible. I know some users have had success manually typing in UNC paths in the “source data” section. It can work if the user context under which Duplicati runs has the same credentials on the NAS (or it allows Guest access).

This approach doesn’t work on Linux as far as I know, and may also not work on Macs. (I have no experience running Duplicati on a Mac.)

For the Dropbox side of setup question, these might help:

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