Setting up with Dropbox

[ I think I have solved this using information provided at

which seemed to say I should assume the first part of the path and only enter the part that followed the “Duplicati backup”… At least, doing that produced success on Test Connection ]

ORIGINAL PROBLEM follows - left detailed in case (a) it turns out that I still have a problem and (b) in case it helps someone else.

I do not know what to put in the set-up box when Duplicati2 is asking me for “Path on server”.
The manual suggests the format: dropbox://folder/subfolder
Dropbox appears to like the format: Dropbox//Apps/Duplicati backup

I have tried variations on this, including upper case ot lower case “d” for dropbox at the start of that string, and putting another folder name after “Duplicati backup”, and can see a folder in my Dropbox thus: Dropbox > Apps > Duplicati backup > Backup
However, whatever I put in the “Path on server” box, when I “Test Connection”, Duplicati tells me that the folder in my path does not exist, despite the fact that I can see it!
I have tried saying either Yes or No it its offer to create the folder, but that makes no difference that I can see. It just gives me this error message:

Failed to connect: {“error_summary”: “path/malformed_path/…”, “error”: {".tag": “path”, “path”: {".tag": “malformed_path”}}}

Apologies if this is already detailed but I am unable to understand the replies I have already seen here on this topic. I am by no mean a technical software user so it needs to be spelled out very simply for me to understand, please.

Nice job solving that!

Newbie Question: Using Dropbox as Backup Destination had the same conclusion. The doc you cited has

Paths are relative to an application’s root (either an app folder or the root of a user’s Dropbox, depending on the app’s access type).

The link in above quote talks about how they encourage the app to get a dedicated folder in the Apps folder.

How to manage third-party apps on Dropbox covers the access issue further, and I guess Duplicati chose not to go “Full Dropbox”. If so, that’s a wise approach from a security view, but will makes paths confusing.

Google Drive offers similar security options, but without the different paths, so one can get confused if one copies files in by hand, then wonders why Duplicati can’t see them. I don’t know if Box will do that to you…

Duplicati OAuth Handler when accessed directly does let one get a “full access” Google Drive, but Google plans to make such access hard to get, per Enhancing security controls for Google Drive third-party apps