Has anybody successfully installed Duplicati on Almalinux or Rocky Linux?

I come from CentOS world which “collapsed” recently and because of that I moved to Almalinux.
I have installed some server on Almalinux and would need backups now.
However I have a problem of installing Duplicati there. Has anybody done that successfully?
Can you share some online guide or writen by you guide for installation?
I Googled it but nothing worked…

You can find some clues here:

I was able to install it on a clean installation of Rocky Linux 8.6. I first installed mono-complete by following instructions here (for CentOS/RHEL 8).

I then installed the duplicati rpm but had to use the --nodeps parameter (this avoids the libappindicator dependency problem):

rpm -ivh --nodeps ./duplicati- 

I did have to create a systemctl service file but used clues in the script mentioned in this post.

Hope this helps.