AWS Linux 2023 (AL2023) Install

Has anyone successfully installed on the new AWS Linux platform (AL2023)? It’s a bit of a mutt platform - A little Fedora, a little CentOS9, with the kernel from Tried the duplicati- and followed the suggestions from Has anybody successfully installed Duplicati on Almalinux or Rocky Linux? but was not able to get it to start.

One problem is finding Mono for this platform. Could not find any references to it.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.


you will have to add the Centos 8 mono repo to your install:

rpm --import ""
su -c 'curl | tee /etc/yum.repos.d/mono-centos8-stable.repo'
dnf update
dnf install mono-devel


sudo dnf install sqlite desktop-file-utils
sudo rpm -i --nodeps ./duplicati- 

and finally to run duplicati as a systemd service, follow these manual steps:

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, the is for x64. I’m on aarch64 (ARM) and it doesn’t look like the mono project has anything for aarch64. Found a mono rpm for aarch64 at the fedora project. Picking though all the dependencies now. Painful.

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

Need some advice. After slogging through the 80+ dependencies to get this installed, it looks like most of them are for the UI. Trying to install this on Linux servers that don’t have UI capability so it can’t be used anyway and it’s just bloating the install.

Is there a way to only install the CLI? Don’t need the UI. Don’t need to run it as a service. Just need the capability to backup, restore, and manage the cloud storage from the CLI.


The UI part of Duplicati itself is very minimal, it’s only the tray icon.
All the rest of the user interface is Web only, that is, it’s handled by the browser. I never tried it but my guess is that if you can run Mono, you can install Duplicati under Linux by uncompressing the install zip file.

So the problem comes mainly from Mono and doing a ‘server-only’ Mono install is out of concern for the Duplicati project.