Grouping of configurations

I have 9 configurations for 3 different backup targets (NAS 1, NAS 2 and USB stick) and would like to group them in the browser under “Home” according to the backup targets, i.e. first all configurations for NAS 1, then for NAS 2 and finally for the USB stick.

Is that possible?

NAS 1 is at home and NAS 2 is in the office. Sometimes I mix up the configurations because the are not grouped and then Duplicati reports an error because it cannot find the incorrectly selected NAS.

Nice idea but not a capability of the current web UI. You can’t even reorder backups as far as I know.

If you use, you CAN group backup jobs there. It’s a great service especially if you have multiple machines running Duplicati.

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You probably can, but not with reasonable methods, so I guess it’s a question of how badly you want it.


But because you said “possible”, another painful method beyond the one described here would put your configurations into a fixed set of backup jobs. Setting this up initially is simple – just add in desired order, however inserting a new configuration would mean transferring the later ones down – not simple to do…

From one point of view, you should always protect exports of all your backup jobs anyway (for safety), so importing a set of jobs in the desired order might be a tolerable additional amount of administration to do.

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