Error while create folder

MEssage: Failed to connect: missing-folder

But the folder was created in google drive.

the says " Found 3 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair "…

Pls help.

Welcome to the forum @Marcon_Informatica

What created the folder? You or Duplicati? Google Drive by default only lets Duplicati see what it made.

If this is not relevant, please explain what steps you actually took that resulted in the message you saw.

Both I inside my google drive or Duplicati gives this error: Failed to connect: missing-folder , but even so it creates the folder several times. And the error when making the backup.

Step by step please. I still can’t follow it.

makes no sense. This is a Duplicati error. Are you doing manual things in Google Drive too? What?


The folder was created by Duplicati, but says “Failed to connect: missing-folder”
The error appears even when i created by my self manually in google drive.

I’m using : Duplicati for Google Drive (full access) and the googledrive-teamdrive-id it’s ok .

This in theory should remove the problem of seeing files not made by Duplicati, e.g. what you made.

I’m not sure what ok means. If you enter the right value on Destination screen 3, Duplicati can lose it.
Using Options screen 5 avoids this bug. It might be worth checking to make sure the option is still ok.

Even "Failed to connect: missing-folder is kind of odd. On Google Drive personal, a backup makes it.
If I use the Destination screen “Test connection” button, it instead asks if I want it to create the folder.


Maybe the best troubleshooting approach is this:

Export As Command-line to get a URL that references your backup folder. Edit that to an empty folder.
Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe or Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTester.exe can do tests.

Something appears to not be working between Duplicati and your Team Drive. I don’t have one to test.
Wont let me reinstall is the only other text-style report of this error I can find. Any similarity to your use?

On the screenshot, I only see one test folder. Google Drive does have the rare ability to make multiple.
Are you deleting them? Have you looked inside after backup to see whether any files are actually there?

sounds like the kind of thing that would happen from a file list failure, e.g. if backup made them but it couldn’t see them. It would probably complain at the end of the backup when it’s checking on its files…

You can actually go to <job> → Show log → Remote to click on a list if you want to see what it saw…
There’s also a list done at the start of the backup, but one at end is easy to find. New items are at top.


Verify files button is another way to get it to do a file list and try to download some files. So far, it appears that it’s having trouble with list, which is why I asked for you to try it from the command line…