Error: Failed to enumerate Microsoft SQL Server databases


trying to edit a backup-job I get a Error-Popup showing:

Failed to enumerate Microsoft SQL Server databases: Die Datei oder Assembly “AlphaVSS.x64.dll” oder eine Abhängigkeit davon wurde nicht gefunden. Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.

Clicking OK I can edit the job.

How can I fix this?


Error message while adding backup job

Hi @Zusch. Please make sure you are logged on as an admin. Run Duplicati in elevated mode by right clicking on the desktop icon and selecting “Run as Administrator”.


Hi samw,
I am running Duplicati 2 as Service under local system account. What should I change?



@Zusch I didn’t realise that you ran it as a service. I would try to running the service as an admin user. So change it from local system to an actual user and see whether that resolves the issue. In the past this error popped up when Duplicati wasn’t started as an admin user, the process wasn’t elevated.


Hi samw,
that did not help. But I searched the net again with other search words and found out that I needed to install VS C++ redistributable 2017. I only installed the 2015 version which seems not to work.


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Thanks for sharing the solution. If it worked for you, you can mark your own answer as the accepted solution to make it easier for others to find it.


@Zusch Did the 2017 C++ redist work for you? I have mine working just fine with the 2015 release, although it does spit some errors into the event log under the “vss” entry.


This is interesting. VC Redist 2015 is a requirement for AlphaVSS, according to @kenkendk.
As far as I know, the opposite of your proposed solution is true: reported Duplicati problems with AlphaVSS were solved by installing the 2015 version instead of 2017.


It appears that AlphaVSS v1.4.0 requires VC Redist 2017:

I was not aware of this change, but I updated AlphaVSS to 1.4.0 back in May:

Remove message from SQL SERVER VSS

Just wanted to say that this helped me figure out this error a while ago. Should it be marked as the solution?


As it is a redistributable package, why not include it in the Duplicati packages and auto-install it if the correct version isn’t already installed?

Also, the automatic update could at least notice that the correct VS C++ version is not installed and point to the included installer, for example in the notification popup at the bottom of the Web UI.


I’d love to have that for my fork. I searched for it some time ago but couldn’t figure out how to include it along with the installer. Do you know how to do that?


Unfortunately not. Installers of other software sometimes have a step in the installation wizard that detects and asks for installation of dependencies, something like this:


Maybe thisthis or this helps.