Hyper-V backup on server2016

I have two servers with win2016
on one server, Duplicati can recognize and backup Hyper-V Virtual machines,
on the other server it does not recognize the Hyper-v Virtual machines.
How can I make it recognize the virtual machines ?

Hyper-V is detected through WMI queries.
You can perhaps see some information messages in the Duplicati log as to why it does not work.

Also, it requires AlphaVSS to do some of the queries, so maybe you need to install Visual C++ 2015 redist (and it must be 2015 version).

The problem solved by running as “ADMINISTRATOR” any other user which in “Administrator” Group will not do the job…
If you do not regularly logged as ADMINISTRATOR, just open a terminal (Command) as admin, and start the installation from there.