Duplicati-Monitoring down for a few days now

To the people in charge of duplicati-monitoring.com

You’ve been down for a few days. Plus, for many months now, even when the website’s been up, it’s been very slow to respond (at least, logins are - things seem to be ok once you get logged in, IF you get logged in).

I’ve used the service, and I think it’s pretty slick. If you’re reading this - if you’d like to move to a host that doesn’t go down, I’d be happy to host you for free (it’s the least I can do, since I do use the website when it’s available).

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Same for me. The last months, logins are extremely slow (loging in can take up to 5 minutes). Looks like the more backup jobs/reports you have, the longer the delay.
Since one or 2 days, the website is down and sending HTTP reports are failing.
Hopefully it will be up and running soon, this is a very useful service.

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I have wanted to create a similar service for years, not because I dislike D-M, but because there are some things I’d like to see done that aren’t being done. I’ve just started working on that project. But when I say “just started”, I mean “started within the past week”, and I don’t know when I’ll be finished.


@Steve_Sobol Do you have it on github or somwhere?

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No. I literally just started working on it this week. In fact, I’m sitting at my computer trying to figure out why the GUI isn’t sending reports to me after I run backups :slight_smile:

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It appears to be working again

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Yes. They are back up and running.

I’m going to continue working on my solution, but the service they offer is pretty awesome and I would like it to remain up and running. I need to go see if there’s an email link on their website; I think there is. Making the hosting offer here is one thing. I want to make the offer via some communications channel they are more likely to read.

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The ownwer of Duplicati-Monitoring is:
@ crazy4chrissi

Another alterative will be https://healthchecks.io/ ?

But you have to investigate how to format the report that Duplicati generates.

That is, I can Ping the URL to https://healthchecks.io/ but the report arrives in original format and is not easily readable

Also healthchecks It fulfills its function of receiving the ping and notifying when it is not received, etc… but it does not have graphics or anything like that.

Duplicati can send reports in its “native” format or in JSON. If you’re going to go that route, JSON is much easier to read and interpret, and the JSON it outputs is pretty straightforward.

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Thanks @Steve_Sobol

I found this

I’ll see if I can figure it out then.

Update: it works and I can receive the report on json format on healthcheck but without any nice and friendly format.

Last time I received my daily status mail was on Sunday. Looking at D-M website today I see the jobs have been recorded (and no more errors sending message from the backup job) for the past 3 days, but no status mail was triggered.
Any idea where/why this could get lost?

There are several potential reasons. Without having access to server logs, it’s impossible for me to know what happened (or is happening), and it’d be pointless to guess.