All configurations lost



Not sure what caused this because I have noticed this issue after a while, but all configurations are lost and are not visible in web UI.

But I have files with encrypted backups and also config directory is preserved, but seems like those are encrypted too (I had master password for web UI configured).

Config directory looks like


What should I do in order to recover my configurations please?

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I had the same issue. I come back to review backup status and find my configurations are all gone. Browsing to the web GUI says “first time run”. How do I get back on track here?


If you are on Windows running Duplicati as a service, I recently found that when Windows 10 upgraded to the latest version, it “wiped” out all my Duplicati settings and opening the Duplicati page behaved as if I was running Duplicati for the first time. The default setting for the Duplicati service is to run as Local System and the config is stored in C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Duplicati and after the upgrade, it seems Windows cleared out the systemprofile directory completely, including the Duplicati settings.

Fortunately, Windows Upgrade kept a “Windows.old” directory, which still contained the old systemprofile data. I copied back my original Duplicati settings (now at C:\Windows .old \System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Duplicati) to the “fresh” location and my settings were back again.

I think for the long run, I’ll have to see if there is a way to specify where the profile data is stored, because it seems then that every time Windows does a major update, Duplicati’s settings will be blown away…


@martindeveloper & @briandanimal, what versions of Duplicati are you using?

While this is a valid issue (and not yet “fixed” as far as I know) it’s possible this is not what’s happening in this case.

I say this because I, too, ran into a single machine where the configs just disappeared - and there was no Windows.old folder.

In my case it was with version but the machine was not in my direct supervision so I don’t know what had been done to it in the 5 weeks since I had last seen it. I’ll try to do some forensics on it to see there’s a Windows Update history that coincides with the last write date to the .sqlite files…


Same question…my configurations have disappeared from the GUI. My data is still in my cloud storage location, but local configuration just vanished. What now? Where are they so I can point them properly?

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I moved your post to this new topic because I think it might apply better. If you give it a quick read, do you agree this sounds like what happened to you?