Where in the web UI can I setup notifications?

We’re using the duplicati/duplicati docker image on a linux host; we have several backups running and would like to be notified when backups fail. I’ve read around in the forum a bit and apparently it’s possible to setup email notifications in the web UI, but I can’t find where to do so. Email would be great, but much better would be to integrate notifications with PagerDuty or Slack; is this possible?

Check all of the --send-mail-* options. I personally set them at the global Settings level so they are only in one place, or you can set them at each job level.

You can read about this and other options in the documentation.

I don’t know about integration with PagerDuty or Slack. Maybe someone else has done it.

Good luck, and welcome to the forum!

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Announcing dupReport - A Duplicati Email Report Summary Generator is a third-party tool that will read email, then notify Apprise, which can notify Slack and many other things (but seemingly not PagerDuty).

Reporting options is the main reporting section, and describes email, http, and xmpp reporting options.

Scripting options shows the option to run a script after the backup, e.g. if you have a notification client.

run-script-example.bat and run-script-example.sh show the ways your script can interact with Duplicati.

Duplicati-monitoring.com - central monitoring of multiple Duplicati instances + nice email reports is a third-party service taking HTTP notifications from Duplicati and turning them into email reports to you.

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