Where do you set filters?

I’ve been searching the interwebz for an hour trying to figure out how to set filters, and while I know the syntax inside and out now, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the documentation, at least that I can find, that actually shows me WHERE the filter options are supposed to be input.

There was one forum post that had a screenshot that showed a green “Filters” heading with the options I would expect, but in my copy, I have no such option. I’m using Duplicati

I’ve looked everywhere I can think of, and checked every online resource I could to get to the answer myself, but it’s exhausting and hopefully someone has a quick answer for me.

Thanks for any light you can shed.

In my Windows version ( it’s on the bottom of the “Source Data” tab of each backup job.

Thanks so much @Clasimodo, found it. I spent most of my time looking around the main Settings, thinking there was a global option for setting them. Setting them for each job will be fine though. Was just surprised that there is no reference in the docs about the location of that feature.

Thanks again!

Creating a new backup job of the docs shows setting location under screen 3 “Source Data”.

There should probably be a reference from the Filters article. If either of you are now experts,
your help could be used here, since I’m having a hard time getting behavior matching docs…