Was worried due to the lack of releases

I’ve been using Duplicati for home use for awhile now. I really like it. I was worried that this was a stale project, but I do see some discussion. That’s good. So this is still actively pursued and improved?

To say it as simply as it can be. Yes :slight_smile:

In fact, you can watch every public pushed change right here all the way down to adding semicolons:

Welcome to the forum @SeraVault

To say some more, it’s less active than it was, and could benefit greatly from more volunteers.
Although release cadence is usually slow, I think worry about decline in volunteers is relevant.

Less volunteer action (especially among the most experienced developers) has slowed things.
On releases, there is a wish for a new person willing and able to make releases, but generally:

If anybody can code, test, review or write manuals, or help on the forum, that helps things out.
As a free community effort, all activity (including improvements) depends on who volunteers…

Obviously, people have limitations, but to a large extent it’s (IMO) also a matter of willingness.
If more community members chipped in when they could, they could make a major difference.

You can also watch what’s waiting in line in the Pull request queue for a volunteer to do them.
There are a lot of aging old Issues hanging around, but quite a few current ones seeking help.

To say it again, help comes from the community. It’s all connected, but going back to releases:

There has historically been quite a big gap between Beta releases. Canary are more frequent.
Typically you don’t take Canary unless you want to get very latest changes and any new bugs.
If you have a less critical system and want to try it out on those terms, by all means feel free…

https://github.com/duplicati/duplicati/releases is all the releases, by date, if you want to browse.
You posted this in Releases category which is another good way to see those announcements.

Duplicati’s autoupdater will offer you releases from your update channel (e.g. Beta) in Settings.
If you decide you want to try Canary, you can change the channel, or just install it from scratch.

To emphasize to anybody who sees this, all that is done with Duplicati is done by its volunteers.
Please consider volunteering to improve Duplicati. This community effort needs the community.