Warn on failed backup

I backup via command line and use --log-file-log-level=Warning switch for logs. After the latest canary I got “Database version is higher than Duplicati currently supports” kind of error and my log files didn’t inform me about that. So for a few days I didn’t know that something went wrong. My suggestion is to add this type of error to “warning” level.

Hello @fytzals and welcome to the forum!

Since you said “kind of error” and “latest canary”, possibly after newer canary you might have downgraded Duplicati somehow, and what you’re seeing is not exactly a “failed backup” but a “Duplicati could not start”.

Search “database has version” “but the largest supported version” site:forum.duplicati.com will find others. New Duplicati know how to change older databases to current format, but older can’t know newer formats.

Downgrading / reverting to a lower version gets into how to do this properly, and why it’s tough sometimes.

As for logging, my concern would be that without its database, Duplicati may not know where to log errors. There’s a similar non-solvable problem if system or Duplicati is down, so monitoring using some separate method such as www.duplicati-monitoring.com or maybe dupReport or other reporting options might help.

EDIT: Actually that comment fits a server situation better, where the Duplicati-server.sqlite database might be found with the wrong version. The command line would probably have to trip over the per-job database, so possibly the request would be more feasible. I’m not familiar enough with startup code to know for sure. Still, some of the ideas mentioned might serve as workarounds for either a server or CLI situation, for now.