Visual diff between backups sets when restoring

When using restore and selecting the different versions / dates, is there a way to get a visual diff of which files have changed? Duplicati monitoring sent me a report saying something changed, which really surprised me since I didn’t do any changes at all in that folder, so I’m curious which file changed …

It’s not visual in a graphics sense (I wonder what that would look like?), but you can compare two versions.

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very cool I’ll give that a try, visually it could look like common unix diff tools with a gui, Meld, Kdiff3 or Kompare

Those look pretty ambitious, and I suspect they rely on a built-in GUI (not a browser) and files sitting there. One can already have Duplicati restore two versions of a subtree somewhere, then study them with tools. Such pre-download may make sense even if Duplicati had a diff UI, in order to ensure UI responsiveness.
A cut-down version that works from local database info might be faster but doesn’t have the actual files…