Version displaying bug


If I install V, und upgrade to actual and deinstall Duplicati 2, restart the PC, and then reinstall V 2.02.18 again…
-The Duplicati 2 Web interface tells me Im on version
-Windows Apps&Features tells me Im on V

I think bouth shoud be not correct!
Very funny in combination with software inventory tools :slight_smile:, but ofcourse, its only a number, not a function :slight_smile:

Hello, did you try ctrl + F5 ? Web interface is often cached in browser.

Also, downgrading manual is here: Downgrading / reverting to a lower version

While @mr-flibble is correct that this might be a browser caching issue, it sounds like in your case it’s more likely related to how Duplicati handles GUI based updates. Check out the “How Duplicati installs/updates work” block of the first post here for more details, but I’ve also included a summary below for your particular case.

Why a re-install still shows previous updates

On Windows an INSTALL (like from a .exe or .msi file) goes into your C:\Program Files\Duplicati folder as your “base version” and is what “Windows Apps & Features” will report as your app version. When the “base version” is run, it first checks an updates folder to see if there are any newer versions in there and, if so, passes control off to the newer version.

New versions get into the updates folder when they are installed via the Duplicati GUI. Since they weren’t actually “installed” (in the Windows sense) and aren’t in the C:\Program Files\Duplicati folder Windows doesn’t know that they’re there so just reports the “base version” number.

This also means that when you uninstall Duplicati what you’re really doing is removing the “base version”, but if you don’t remove the newer versions from the updates folder, then when the freshly installed “base version” (in your case is run it detects the update left over from the previous install and passes control to it. Basically, the uninstall process isn’t clearing EVERYTHING from the system.

What’s up with Windows reporting v2.0.0.7?

With all that being said, I don’t know why your Windows Apps & Features is showing but if it makes you feel any better, so is mine. :slight_smile:

I suspect there is a bit of a version reporting problem associated with Windows Apps & Features but a sample size of 2 is a bit small for declaring it a bug. If we can get some testing / confirmation from some other Windows users about what version shows in their Applications lists that would be great. (If you’re not on Windows 10, please say so.)

Oh, does the install date for your match with your original install (mine does) or the re-install?

First, any pics :slight_smile:


Second … thank you to mr-flibble. Ctr + F5 was not the problem, but the deinstallation process doesnt remove the updates in ProgamData folder, this is… untypical for a program deinatallation. After correct following the downgrade instructions (thank you…) and manual deleting the update folder it works correct.

Downgrade was only part of a test environment to evaluate central rollout and software inventory of Duplicati. There was no functional reason.

I assume the version stated as “” has to do with the ProductVersion string defined in the Windows installer, as discussed here:

I don’t have a lot of experience with forums, so I simply hope that I posted the link to the other topic correctly.

I can confirm that @SpacemanSpiff is correct. The install process actually updates the version number, but then resets the version number before building the MSI, leaving it with an incorrect version number.

If you look at the individual files, you will see that they have the correct version. Only the MSI is reporting the wrong version number.

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Just for reference, here’s a post about the MSI version number.

Just as a quick update, after installing canary but NOT rebooting Windows 10, Apps & features still shows

I’ll try to update this after my next reboot.