Software deployment / Configuration

I want to roll out DUPLICATI via software deployment in a Windows Server Environment, using the *.msi Installers.
Is there a documentation for pre-configuration the software via a Tool like ORCA ?
For instance I want to remove the possibilitiy for automatic user-defined updates.

I’m guessing that’s not supported, but @kenkendk should know for sure.

I opend the .MSI in ORCA, and it looks possible If i see all the options. But Im not professional enough to know what to do exactly.
I think… I f I set UPGRADE/VERISONMAX from to the actual Version like, there will be no newer Version installing. But the better way will be to stop the UpdateCheck, but I dont know the correct option.

And - other thing - what I see was that the Version number inside the .msi does not correspondece exacly with the “official” Verison number. Property / Product Version tells me its <-> duplicati-…msi. That generate problems and must be correcting in MSI generating process.

Wow - thanks for all the detail there!

Unfortunately, I’m not involved in the building of deployment code so I’m going to have to tag out @kenkendk on this one.

I am not well versed in MSI generation; I just made the installer on a “least-effort” basis.
The code that generates the MSI files is here:

The build-msi.bat file is invoking the build process, and I guess it needs to also change this line:

No, there is no such document. I have not used ORCA or other enterprise install tools.

I assume you mean the ability to install updates automatically (you will roll out updates centrally).
You can get this by setting an environment variable on the machines:


If this environment variable is present, Duplicati will not check for updates.

Hello ,
thank you for your time and help!

<?define ProductVersion="" ?>

Yes, this must be the correct line to change.

ORCA isnt a enterprice install tool, ORCA or SuperORCa are tolls to open the msi in a tabelar form and set modifications. ( Often used to modify JAVA JRE )

Yes, I want to roll out D. centrally , without automatically updates. Its nice that there are a option via a environment variable, but on this way , I must go to / or roll out separatly the script / variable on every client in a second step.
Possible, but not elegant.

I will alternativly investigate the MSI for a option, maybe I have luck :slight_smile:


I changed the build process, so it now updates the MSI product code. It will be in v2.0.3.8+.