Unexpected update count: 0

Started getting this error.

Unexpected update count: 0 Not sure how to proceed?

Where are you seeing this error (log, email, other…) and what were you doing when it happened (backup, restore, other…)? Oh, and what version of Duplicati are you using?

Unfortunately, that exact worded error shows up in 2 different places in the code so I can’t tell exactly what was being done when the error happened.

I’m also running into this issue. It occurs when I attempt to do a database repair. The problem began after the C drive of the server (same drive Duplicati is installed on) ran out of space (due to unrelated log files) while a backup was in progress.

I freed up more than 100GB of space on the C drive, but all backups have failed since that happened and a database repair attempt gives me the error in question.

I’m running Duplicati -

Edit: Meh, never mind. Duplicati shows promise, but this is the second time I’m dealing with either spending a month recreating the DB (which would probably fail) or just starting a new backup set. I don’t have time for this; I need to find something production-ready, which may include spending some money.

Looking forward to checking out Duplicati again in a few years.