Unable to delete a configuration

Hi, I’m new to Duplicati ( and running a couple of tests from a local system (NAS) to the cloud. I tried to clean up and delete my first TEST job after successful run, but after answering the captcha I got immediately back to the home screen with apparently no changes (same steps as in related post Unable to delete backup job): The job was still there, same as the DB file and the remote files (~120MB) - and no changes after a couple of minutes.
I wonder if the fact that I’m running another (larger) backup job at the same time (to the same could destination, but different folder), makes a difference. I can try again once this 2nd job has finished, but still consider this an unexpected behavior.
What’s your thoughts about this? Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for any help in advance.

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

Your guess is absolutely correct - the currently running backup must end before the next task (delete job) starts.

Duplicati puts pretty much every function in the same execution queue (helps avoid conflicts) so your delete job request won’t fire until any currently running (or queued) tasks have completed (or are cancelled).

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Bingo - after the running job finished, the TEST job and all remote data got deleted. Not sure abot the local DB (didn’t take a note of the exact name). It looks as if it’s still there.
Anyway - thanks for the clarification!

You’re welcome, thanks for using Duplicati!

I went ahead and flagged my response as the solution to help others that might have the same question. Please let me know if you disagree. :slight_smile: