Tray icon always red (error state) but no errors in logs

Hi All! Running Duplicati on Linux (Xubuntu 18.04, XFCE) as a service.
Next, run tray icon application with command:

duplicati --no-hosted-server --serverurl=http://localhost:8200

Tray icon always red color (like error occurred) but when I open logs - nothing special there. No any errors and warnings.

An issue where the tray icon was red for new installs was fixed in version What version of Duplicati are you running?

I’am running
When I click “Check update” - nothing happens!
Update channel configured to: Default (Beta)

The fix is currently only available in the canary builds. It seems that triggering an actual error will clear the state and fix the tray icon:

Working well! I did it and now icon is black (normal state). Thanks for hack!

For future reference (either for you or for others who find this): if you click “check update” and your current update channel is set to beta, and you have the latest beta installed, Duplicati won’t identify any updates. You would need to set your update channel to canary (or experimental) to get it to suggest a newer build than the beta.